Knowing which car service actually help you with your special and regular transportation is imperative. And what most people do is that they either ask their friends or relative for suggestions or they search on Google for car service. This is not a totally wrong approach but it will be more helpful if you know which is the best car service from your own experience. And if you haven’t used a Limo service before then why not start with us? Book now . We assure you with ACL on your side, you will not have to worry about getting your plans ruined at the last moment.

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We take each client as our paramount priority and we act accordingly. We set and plan every little detail to make your trip as convenient and comfortable as possible. Same goes for booking procedure. Unlike those complex and tiring booking procedures where you have to put your psychological and physical efforts to get a reservation, you can book us with just a few steps. We have made our booking process very short and easy.

To make sure that you get the best possible service, you just need to provide us with a few details. And we will take it upon ourselves to provide you with impeccable car service. So, if you are wondering how to book a car service then don’t worry as we don.t ask personal information We only need general information pertaining to book a service. In order to enable us to provide you with the optimal service, we need a few details to set the schedule and travelling plan accordingly.

Once you are done with the reservation, we will start working on planning your car or limo and will let you know with a reply through call or email as soon as we are done. Instead of making you come to our office or confusing you with a lot of requirements we have made it convenient and short. You can literally book a whole fleet for your travel while sitting at home. We have a very flexible and skilled team of reservation makers, they will make sure the whole process goes smoothly.

• Provide us with the name(s) of the passenger(s) who will be travelling with us.
• Tell us the number of passengers.
• If you have any luggage tell us the number of luggage.
• We have a range of latest fleets, have a look at our fleets here and provide us with the name of your preferred vehicle.
• Give the exact pick-up date and the pick-up time.
• Provide us with the location of your pick-up and also of your drop off.
• Also, tell us about the routing details so we can plan your travel accordingly.
• If you have any other requests pertaining to your reservation, please feel free to let us know.
The aforementioned details are the prerequisites for a limo reservation. This is all the information that we need. Now the method of payment is also very simple. We have many type of payment methods for your convenience. Our methods of accepting payments are:
• Through Cash: We accept the payment in cash from our customers.
• Electronic Payment: We also encourage our clients to make payments from electronic gateways which are include Credit Card Visa and MasterCard, EFTPOS, JCB, Amex. The service fee 5% Surcharge Levy $1.1 per Booking.
• Fleet Card: You can also make payments with the use of fleet cards including Cabcharge, Motorpass, Motorcharge, UnionPay.
• E-currency: We have also started accepting payment through PayPal and in Bitcoins.

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So don’t wait for a perfect car service because we are perfect. Call us or Book online and make a reservation now.