As Directed

As Directed

Have you ever been in a place where you wanted a luxurious limo service for more than just pick and drop? Well, many people want to run errands in a luxurious car. And they want more than just a normal limo service where they are picked up from one point and dropped at the other. This is why ACL offers the As Directed car booking service for your convenience. With the As Directed car booking service, a whole Limo is dedicated to you for your constant traveling needs.

And you can have the premium class fleet with a professional chauffeur for as long as you want. The meaning of As Directed ia that you can direct the driver where ever you want to go. The beauty of this service is that you will not have to worry about calling again and again for a professional Limo service. It will be right there for you to facilitate you with all of your traveling needs.

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The As Directed service is closely customized for your needs while keeping every small detail in mind. The interior and exterior of the fleet are simply outlandish depicting your lavish lifestyle. You don’t need to wait for the limo service to arrive at your location several times in a day. The chauffeur will be with your wherever you go. We understand that our clients may need our nonstop services for several different occasions. These can also include different daily routine tasks like dropping off your kids or taking your wife to a romantic dinner. Our chauffeur will never leave your side as long as you don’t tell him to.

as directed car booking

It doesn’t matter where you want to go, you can just direct the chauffeur and he will follow all of your instructions with no questions asked. You can conveniently travel from one place to another with the As Directed service. Unlike the traditional cabs services, an individual is driving the cab who is not a professionally trained chauffeur. Highly skilled chauffer drives our fleets who ensure your fast and safe travel. If you are going somewhere where you will have to wait in line, no worries. Our chauffeur will wait there with you. As we said, he will not leave your side.

You can always count on the As Directed service for all of your special or routine travelling needs. Our courteous driver will make sure that your trip goes smoothly. We have been running this service for years and our drivers excel at what they do. From our SUVs to Towncar service, you will always get a more than satisfactory experience with our limousine rental service. There is also no need to pay for every time you direct the driver to go somewhere because you will be billed by hours, as this is also one of the perks of doing business with ACL.

So whenever you need a premium class luxurious Limo service for more than just one trip. You can always call us to know our limousine prices per hour and bookings. Book a car Now